The estate and his history


A commitment

Historically winegrowers in our family, the evolution of our societies bring a lot of changes, to harvest for example with the mechanization, or also chemical fertilizer using. This products had polluted our soils and water, and also have scared off a lot of  ecosistems, a cause for reflection on the respect of nature and humans in our work.


Since 2008 and our first harvest in the estate, and even before when we have been thinking in the creation of the estate, first we want commit in product quality and respect to the nature and consumer : we choice the agrobiology.


An evident choose for our noun

Find the noun was not very hard, just we had to remember where we live.

Our catalan village on the antic fronter between French Kingdom and Catalan Aragonese Kingdom until 1659 is named Montner. The origin of its name comes from the catalan "Mont Negre" (Black mount). The Força Real mountain, which can be seen from the village and the surroundings, is an other illustration of the village name with its dark color and its black schist soil.

We don't could find better tribute to our land, our village, our familiy and our memories that "Mont Noir", traduction in french of the village's name.