"Tortue" White Côtes du Roussillon

"Tortue" White

a good blend of Vermentino

and white Grenache...

Tortue blanc contour.png

The vines

1 hectare - "Les Aires" and "La Teulera"


Planting density

4000 grapevines / hectare


Vine culture

Short cutting, 6 shoots with 2 eyes. Soil maintenance with plowing, organic fertilizer, ecologic phitosanitary protection.



This Côtes du Roussillon is the result of two varieties with quasi equal proportion, white grenache and vermentino. We harvest them at the end of august.

After removing grape stalks and pressing the grapes, the must selection (a part winemaked in barrel and regularly moved the lees) and the early blend let to conserve its chill taste.


Wine tasting

This warm wine give ripe white-fleshed fruits, white flower and broom aromas.

Well-balanced, give a chill sensation of with spicy and vanilla touch.


Food pairings

Aperitif, fish grilled and shellfish.